Myasia Holloway

Myasia Holloway

Myasia is a DONA International trained doula that brings alot of tender love and care to the table. She has experience in early childhood development and has spent years nurturing children in child development centers. She is a mom of two children and discovered her passion for postpartum doula work after being a military spouse and needing extra support after giving birth.

Whether you are bringing home baby number one or baby number five, Myasia’s goal is to help families thrive! She is here to provide you with not just physical, but emotional support throughout the exciting transition. With her wealth of knowledge and experience in both child development and postpartum support, Myasia will provide you with the indiviualized evidence based guidance needed to help you feel secure in your parenting decisions. Her passion is to create a safe and supportive space for you in which you can rest, and form an alligence together. Once Myasia takes on your family you will find that empowerment, security, and connection are at the core of her philosophy for postpartum care — she can’t wait to be a part of your story!




(757) 765-0791

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