Mandy Bealer

Doula Mandy BealerMandy is first and foremost a mother of 4 great kiddos. She has a great husband that supports her passion to serve women during their pregnancy and birth. She started out as a massage therapist in UT in 2001, and took a doula training and fell in love with birth work! She has been a DONA Birth Doula since 2001, is currently certified, and has served the women of Hampton Roads since 2008. She is there to support her clients in their decisions for their birth. She believes that each birth is special and a journey that each couple should take together. She is there to help them work together so they can have the most positive experience possible. Your birth experience is something that you will never forget. She has also has had postpartum training through ProDoula, but is focusing on being a birth doula for now.Mandy is also a doTERRA Essential Oil Educator as well. She loves to teach and empower families to use natural solutions in their own homes on a daily basis to reduce our toxic loads, support their natural body systems, support their emotional health. She has a team of over 100 people that she supports in a few different states as well. To continue her love of massage and incorporate it into her doula business, she is also certified to perform AromaTouch Technique using the essential oils. This technique is done on the back, neck, head, & feet. It uses 8 different essential oils used in a specific way, with specific strokes, to help bring the body back to a state of homeostasis and balance…and it feels amazing!!Mandy is actively involved with the young women at her church. She helps them to realize who they are and the great and positive influence they can have on the world. She gets to spend a whole week camping with 90 youth in the summers and loves seeing them learn, grow, and have fun!Mandy currently resides in Williamsburg with her family, but is a Texas girl through and through. Her love for Virginia is continuing to grow and is running a close second to Texas.

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