Leslie Cuffee

Leslie Cuffee DoulaLeslie is fully committed to supporting women in their choices for childbirth. Her experiences are, but not limited to: high risk pregnancy, homebirth, waterbirth, birth center (adjacent to hospital), and hospital births. She is also a certified hypno doula for clients planning a hypno based birth experience. Leslie listens to the needs of the families she serves. Each client/family is unique. She shows respect for their choices,culture, ideas and customs. Adding a doula to the birth team can greatly enhance the birth experience for both the mother and the partner. Leslie has served or participated with many birth organisations such as Partners In Birth (PIB), Doula Talk, Doulas Of Tidewater, ICAN (former secretary) & Birth Matters Virginia to name a few. Leslie has held certifications with well known organisations such as CAPPA, DONA and Hypnobabies. She has partnered in the past with other area doulas and has served as a childbirth educator offering classes privately in the comfort of her clients homes (presently) as well as taught at Mary View Hospital in Portsmouth VA. Leslie is affiliated with Hypnobabies and The National Yoga Academy (Amanda Hamp CEO) And has volunteered her time to offering doula services to wives of deployed husbands and at war spouses during times of crisis with Operation Special Delivery (OSD). Leslie is know for many services, titles and roles including that of bereavement support, attending families in critical, traumatic, and terminal outcomes. You can read about her doula work in the book “Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart” as well as Dianna Armentrout’s blog. Leslie is certified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner. She has used the healing modality for her clients as well as our area birth workers and many clinical practitioners have called on her for the benefits of this amazing healing modality. Reiki is well known in the medical community to help heal and assist in healing the surgical sites as well as healing or easing emotions of the patient. Leslie has been dubbed “The medicinal soul” “Mother spirit” and “Healer.” in her community. Leslie feels there is a healer in all of us and that birth is a right of passage. Leslie Cuffee is also an experienced breastfeeding and cloth diapering {first baby} mom and grandma. Contact Leslie: 757-412-7833 lesliecuffee.com Facebook Page Linked In Doula Match
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