Kasha Toffah

Kasha Toffah

Hello Everyone ! 

I’m Kasha , a Full Spectrum Doula located locally in Chesapeake Virginia. It is always my mission to ensure that I gain the most effective and current knowledge possible as a Full Spectrum Doula serving a variety of clients. While it’s been a beautiful and intellectually enhancing experience for myself, so far, I’ve learned that there are many who are unaware of what a Doula is, and what we do. No matter what your family looks like, as your Doula, you will have a companion professionally trained in childbirth providing emotional, physical, and educational support to new or seasoned expectant families

I started Wholesome Hearts Doula Services to assist and support all families. To also ensure that your care is inclusive, and your family can enjoy a safe, memorable, empowering and wholesome birthing experience!

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about the Wholesome experience you deserve please do not hesitate to reach out ! Have a great day .

With love , The Wholesome Doula

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