Chantera Ross

Chantera Ross, Doula



Peace & Love,
Chantera Ross, FSD, CNA,
Your Rare Doula

Chantera Ross is a Full Spectrum Doula who is passionate about supporting and educating all birthing people through their reproductive experiences. This mother of six located in Hampton Virginia services Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. Chantera takes pride in constantly continuing her education to ensure that she is updated with all things reproductive health. If she isn’t having family time with her children she is either reading a birth book, taking a class or with a reproductive client.

Chantera has been a birthing doula since 2005. She started off only being a doula to her siblings after her oldest sister went into labor in a hospital who was under staffed. One of the nurses came in and taught Chantera comfort measures and basic support care to be able to provide care for her sister. The nurse also explained to Chantera what being a Doula consisted of. From that day on Chantera provided Doula support to 12 out of 15 of her nieces and nephews births. In 2018 she decided to further her education to become Full Spectrum Doula and serve clients outside of her family.

As a full Spectrum Doula Chantera empowers the birthing person and their family to strive for their ‘best birthing experience ‘. While she knows every experience might not always go as planned, she believes as a Doula she can help increase the chance of a positive reproductive health experience by providing evidenced based information on the choices in childbirth, and everything reproductive health. As a Full Spectrum Doula Chantera can provide birth, postpartum, fertility, abortion, adoption and bereavement support. To inquire about Chantera Ross’s Reproductive Services’s feel free to contact her via email at, via phone at 910.528.3204,, via facebook @ReignOfRarityDoulaServices, or via Instagram @R.I.S.E_Enterprise. Reign Of Rarity Doula Services looks forward to hearing from you. May your reproductive journey be full of positive, memorable experiences.

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