Kiera Curtis

Doula Kiera CurtisKiera is an experienced certified birth Doula through DONA International, and owner of Gentle Waves Birth Services. She is rebozo certified and specializes in hypnobirthing for comfort in labor, along with spinning babies techniques for optimal fetal positioning. Kiera also offers placenta encapsulation & birth photography services.

Kiera has been a Hampton Roads native since 1995 and loves everything the area has to offer.
She has a passion for holistic living with an adventurous and kind spirit.

She had her first baby in May, 2015 with a home water birth and fell in love with pregnancy & childbirth. She believes women are beautiful and strong creatures that are designed to birth their babies in whatever way they desire.

As a doula, she supports all births and wishes to empower women during one of the most magical journeys they will encounter. Kiera is passionate about providing women with the tools they need during their pregnancies, labor and postpartum. She believes birth is something to be honored, respected and valued.

Birth is a powerful, raw and transformative experience. Kiera’s priority is to work with her clients closely throughout pregnancy so they are educated, supported and mindful of the experience ahead.

“My loved ones who were present for the birth later referred to Kiera as the doula “fairy“ and I think that is a perfect description of her presence. She calmly floated through our home, following me through the intense waves of birth and ensuring that I felt cared for and attended to during each one. Her passion for birth work shines through her words and actions and I am very fortunate that her loving energy was a part of my baby’s entrance into the world. Kiera turned out to be the puzzle piece that I didn’t know was missing from our birth team, and I could not be more grateful that we found her.”

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Contact Information:

Phone: 757-603-5964
Facebook: Gentle Waves Birth Services