Ayanna Binta

doula ayanna biotaAyanna is a Birth and Postpartum Doula certified through Doula Trainings International and currently going through certification to become a childbirth educator. She is also a Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Instructor certified through Oh Baby! Fitness. Outside of birth work, Ayanna is also an Early Elementary Educator with a Master’s in Early Education and is a fitness professional serving as a Group Fitness Instructor, Mind Body Exercise Instructor, and Wellness Coach.

Ayanna is dedicated to serving, supporting, and educating birthing individuals and their families and will attend hospital births, birth center births, as well as midwife supported home births. Ayanna has experience supporting clients through vaginal births after multiple cesareans, advanced maternal age pregnancy, teen pregnancy, pregnancy after a miscarriage or infant loss, and non-medicated births to name a few. Her mission for each pregnant person that she serves is to provide them with tools, resources, information, and continuous support so that they can make empowered decisions about what is best for their body, their baby, and their family.
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contact Ayanna: 757-655-1289
email: ayanna.binta@gmail.com
website: mamasocean.com
Facebook: Ayanna Binta
instagram: @ayannabinta
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