Jamie Fitzwater

Doula Jamie FitzwaterJamie’s birthwork and yoga journey began in 2010 after a near fatal car accident. She did not walk unassisted for 3 months, having to use various walkers, wheelchairs and canes to aid her. She used the physical and mental practices of yoga to strengthen her broken body, and continued her practice into present day.

In 2014 she decided she wanted to show other women the strength inside of their own bodies and minds, so she decided to take her first teacher training. During this training she found herself drawn to the prenatal path. Women are called upon to pull from every aspect of their being to grow a baby within them, then also bringing them Earthside. She wanted to show other women what strength they already had inside of them. After years of joining these mothers on their own yoga journeys, she started to be asked to attend births by family and friends. Her purpose and calling was being laid before her. She started to make it official by starting her training with the Madriella Doula program to solidify her skills. She has also added to her yoga knowledge by attending many continuing education courses, a children’s teacher training, and additional Prenatal Yoga specific training. The teacher is always the student!

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Website: moderjordyogaanddoula.wordpress.com