Kasie Ballard

Kasie Ballard is a birth doula serving the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas. Kasie’s journey into motherhood and becoming a doula wasn’t always an easy one. It started with the unexpected third trimester loss of her first son, to a threatened life limiting diagnosis with her second son, to the pure joy of giving birth to a healthy baby with her third. Through everything she remained passionate about women and childbirth. She found strength and healing in supporting those she loved during childbirth as well as in their times of crisis.
Her desire to become a doula was solidified while supporting her best friend through two beautiful, eye-opening homebirths. She discovered the true wonder of the birthing process and was left in awe at the miraculous strength and natural instinct our bodies possess. Kasie’s extensive experience in low and high-risk pregnancies, NICU support, prenatal special needs or life limiting diagnoses enable her to serve each client with the compassion and insight unique to their circumstances.
Kasie is trained in various comfort measures for birth, including the rebozo and massage for the laboring woman. She currently offers private, in-home workshops for mothers-to-be and their partners to help them explore several comfort measures for pain management during labor and to support them as they attain the confidence they need to greet their child earthside.
Kasie also offers compassionate postpartum care. As a busy mom well versed in breastfeeding, cloth diapering, special needs parenting, and homeschooling, she understands the joys and challenges of welcoming a newborn into the household and is there for mothers every step of the way.
She holds a certification through Stillbirthday and is currently furthering her education through Madriella.
Using her certification earned through Stillbirthday, as well as her personal experience with loss, she offers bereavement services for families experiencing pregnancy loss in any trimester.
“Kasie, is an amazing person and she was actively there for me during my entire pregnancy and birth! I HAD THE BIRTH I WANTED and Kasie made sure of that! My little joy is only 3 months old and my birth experience is still fresh in my mind! She was right there when I needed her, and she was exactly the doula I dreamed of when I decided to have a doula!” -Ty H.
To learn more about Kasie and her services:
Visit her website
Call or text her at (804)824-0066
Or email her at Kasie@ahopefulheartdoula.com